Classiness…and Why I am in Pursuit of it

This is me.

Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with me. I have the usual amount of eyes and ears, no extra appendages, no bizarre medical conditions (not that any of those things would mean something WAS wrong with me, mind you.) I haven’t been living in a cave for my entire life so I do possess a fair amount of worldly experience, including a basic understanding of hygiene and grooming, rudimentary social graces and a very -nearly-completed college education. I have my own business, and have birthed and (somewhat) successfully raised a child from infancy to childhood without any major traumas or state interventions.

So why isn’t that enough?

The truth is, gentle readers, I aspire to more. I’d like to be able to handle myself with poise and decorum at events ranging from contract negotiations to public speaking events. I’d like to hold my own when I finally meet with Oprah, make a good impression when dining with the Queen of England and make the audience marvel at my self-confident demeanor after my appearance on Late Night.

In other words, there are just a few rough edges that need sanding, so to speak. I’m not trying to alter my personality, or force myself into a Stepford-esque mold. Rather, I liken my current state to that of an uncut gem; by selectively trimming away those traits that only serve to obscure, I believe my inner self will be able to shine all the brighter.

In days of yore, young ladies might be sent to a finishing school to become “accomplished;” that is, masters of such lady-like arts as throwing dinner parties and overseeing teams of servants. These days, such schools are about as rare as a person with impeccable manners so the Internet will have to serve as my Henry Higgins, a veritable wealth of information to be unearthed via websites, bloggers and Pinterest boards. So, from here on, I will focus on gaining (or polishing) skills in the following areas, widely considered the criteria for being “Classically Elegant“:

  • Social Skills – including the art of conversation, party etiquette and keeping cool under pressure
  • Manners
  • Style and Personal Grooming – an area where I need the most help! Being a girl is HARD…
  • Deportment – to include poise, graceful expression and proper walking/sitting techniques
  • Refined speech – eliminate the ums, likes and other slang
  • Fine Dining – preparing it, ordering it, learning what wines and/or other beverages to pair with it
  • Education – meaning it’s time to brush up on current events NOT related to reality TV or pop culture
  • The Arts – reacquainting myself with respected composers, noteworthy theater and classical literature
  • Keeping the Home – another big undertaking! Cleaning, organizing and otherwise maintaining a proper home
  • Music/Singing/Drawing/Dancing – These skills may not seem as relevant in 2017 as in, say, 1817, but I maintain there is a place for them in modern society
  • Language – time to put those 5 years of French to good use and become conversant

If nothing else, this will be a fascinating experiment. Even if I fall short in some of these (admittedly ambitious) undertakings, I can’t help but emerge a better, more refined version of the person I am today. To that end, if you are a blogger or an expert in any of the above fields and think you can help with this transformation, send me a message and let’s help each other!

I thank you for taking this journey with me, and can’t wait to see what happens next…

Gracefully yours,

Mikki Q